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Accelerating the Learning of All Students
Cultivating Culture Change in Schools, Classrooms and Individuals


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Accelerating the Learning of All Students
Cultivating Culture Change in Schools, Classrooms and Individuals

by Julie D. Swanson (Author)
by Christine Finnan (Author)



ISBN: 9780813390505


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This book describes how the term "acceleration" has been applied to teaching different groups of students and explores the influence of culture, as manifested in schools, classrooms, and individuals, in helping or hindering efforts to accelerate the learning of all students.

Accelerating the Learning of All Students provides hope to all citizens and educators that the dismal history of educating low-income students can be turned around, and that all students can be provided the rich, engaging educational experience that has historically been reserved only for those identified as gifted.


ISBN 813390508
ISBN13 9780813390505
Publisher Westview Press Inc
Format Paperback
Publication date 20/07/2000
Pages 208
Weight (grammes) 314
Published in United States
Height (mm) 229
Width (mm) 149

* List of Tables and Figures
* Foreword by Henry M. Levin
* Foreword by Joseph S. Renzulli
* Introduction
* 1. The Multiple Meanings of Acceleration
* Acceleration Defined
* Acceleration for a Few or for All: The Social and Historical Context
* Toward Acceleration for All
* 2. Accelerate = Serving Gifted and Talented Students
* Candidates for Acceleration: Who Is Identified?
* Why Accelerate Learning for Gifted and Talented Students?
* Models of Acceleration for Gifted and Talented Students
* From Identification to Development of Gifts and Talents
* Conclusion
* 3. Accelerate = Targeting Low-Achieving Students
* Remediation or Acceleration?
* Who Are Low Achievers?
* A Model of Acceleration for Low-Achieving Students
* Programs That Accelerate Low-Achieving Students
* Conclusion
* 4. Accelerate = Challenging All Students
* The Impetus for Acceleration of All
* A Research Framework Supporting Accelerated Learning for All Students
* Accelerated Learning Programs, Projects, and Educational Strategies
* The Keys to Acceleration for All Students
* 5. Cultivating Culture Change to Accelerate the Learning of All Students
* Cultivating Acceleration
* What Is Culture?
* Societal Assumptions Influencing School and Classroom Culture
* Cultivating Culture Change
* Notes
* 6. Cultivating Acceleration Within School Cultures
* Basic Assumptions Shaping School Culture
* Assumptions Adults Hold for Children
* Assumptions Students Hold About Themselves and Their Future
* Assumptions Related to Expectations for Adults (Teachers, Principals, and Parents)
* Assumptions About Educational Practices That Are Considered "Acceptable,"
* Assumptions About the Value of Change
* Moving School Culture Toward Acceleration
* 7. Cultivating Acceleration Within Classroom Cultures
* Basic Assumptions Shaping Classroom Culture
* Assumptions Shaping Expectations for Student Learning and Appropriate Behavior
* Assumptions Related to Appropriate Communication and Discourse
* Assumptions Related to Appropriate Adult Behavior
* Assumptions Related to Appropriate Educational Practices
* Moving Classroom Culture Toward Acceleration
* Notes
* 8. Individuals as Cultivators: Acting on Changed Assumptions Within and Beyond the School
* Assumptions, Beliefs, and Actions
* Responsibilities of Individuals Within Schools and Classrooms
* Responsibilities of Individuals Outside of Schools
* So How Do We Do This?
* Notes
* References
* Index