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Aboriginal Dreaming Paths and Trading Routes
The Colonisation of the Australian Economic Landscape


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Aboriginal Dreaming Paths and Trading Routes
The Colonisation of the Australian Economic Landscape

by Dale Kerwin (Author)



ISBN: 9781845193386


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Highlights the valuable contribution Aboriginal people made in assisting European explorers, surveyors and stockmen to open the country for colonisation, and explores the interface between Aboriginal possession of the Australian continent and European colonisation and appropriation.

Dale Kerwin provides a social science context for the broader study of Aboriginal trading routes by providing an historic interpretation of the Aboriginal/European contact period. His book scrutinises arguments about nomadic and primitive societies, as well as Romantic views of culture and affluence. These circumstances and outcomes are juxtaposed with evidence that indicates that Aboriginal societies are substantially sedentary and highly developed, capable of functional differentiation and foresight -- attributes previously only granted to the European settlers. The hunter-gatherer image of Aboriginal society is rejected by providing evidence of crop cultivation and land management, as well as social arrangements that made best use of a hostile environment. This book is essential reading for all those who seek to have a better knowledge of Australia and its first people: it inscribes Aboriginal people firmly in the body of Australian history.


ISBN 1845193385
ISBN13 9781845193386
Publisher Sussex Academic Press
Format Hardback
Publication date 12/10/2010
Pages 206
Weight (grammes) 574
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 171
Width (mm) 246

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