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Meaghan Delahunt


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50 Ways To Retell A Story


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Word Power Books

50 Ways To Retell A Story

by Christopher Storey (Author)
by Julie Peat (Author)
by Alan Peat (Author)



ISBN: 9780954475550


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50 Ways To Retell A Story: Cinderella provides teachers with fifty activities to engage and motivate pupils in the writing process. Each of the fifty 'variations on a theme' opens with a description of the form/technique, followed by a modelled example. The book is ideal for the primary or secondary school teacher who wants to motivate the relu

Reluctant writers also find the retelling of a familiar text less threatening than a blank sheet of paper while more able pupils relish the extra tiers of complexity which some of the writing tasks in the book involve.A"


ISBN 954475550
ISBN13 9780954475550
Publisher Creative Educational Press Limited
Format Paperback
Publication date 01/12/2009
Pages 166
Weight (grammes) 643
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 295
Width (mm) 210

50 Ways To Retell A Story: Cinderella contents - story retold as: NARRATIVES 1. Lipogram 2. Monosyllabic 3. Yoked sentences 4. Mini-saga 5. Similes 6. Alliteration 7. Monologue 8. Diary 9. Personification 10. Sci-fi 11. Crime Fiction 12. Ghost story 13. Fable 14. Blog 15. Altered characters 16. Reversed story 17. Flashbacks 18. Rashomon 19. Different time frame POETRY 20. Pop song 21. Hendecasyllabics 22. Alphabet of sentences 23. Limerick 24. Sonnet 25. Rhyme royal 26. Skaldic 27. Haiku 28. Renga 29. Naga-uta 30. Tanka 31. Acrostic 32. Hidden acrostic 33. Telestich 34. Tele-acrostic 35. Start-of-line rhyme 36. Mirror snowball OTHERS 37. Plot skeleton 38. Never-ending fairy tale 39. S+7 40. Reversed alphabet code 41. Pig Latin 42. Book review 43. Letter of complaint 44. Recipe 45. Mix tape 46. Text message 47. Blurb 48. News story
DIALOGUES 49. Play script 50. Film script APPENDICES APPENDIX ONE - 'Oulipo': a brief introduction APPENDIX TWO - Glossary